Coding, Development, Identity, Stationary, Webdesign
September 26, 2019

Our mission is simply “to be the best employer in the temporary agency” based on the idea that the agency that is most attractive to temporary workers will be the customer’s favorite.

Fjersten, fredericia
Decografics - Developer, Coding, Marketing
Andrei - Design, Stationary Design
Coding, Development, Identity, Stationary, Webdesign
September 26, 2019

What is it?

Since being founded in 2018, Fjersten has built a strong platform and a strong network for developing grocery retail stores. Backed by our successful track record in retail development and our capital strength, we increasingly manage major projects involving urban renewal, local and mid-sized retail centres combining grocery and other retail, commercial and residential units.

Your package design is a key element to our success. Everyday someone comments on how beautiful our packages are. Thank you again.
Paul Picton, Maverick Chocolate Co.

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